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2013 Annual Meeting Presentations
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MSPS 61st Annual Meeting Presentation Handouts

Please note: This page contains all presentations that MSPS has. If you do not see a session listed, we do not have any slides or handouts for that session.

Wednesday Session: Beginning of Fifth Principal Meridian Surveys in Minnesota Starting with the State Lines

Don Borcherding
This session will include original detailed instructions for Guide Meridians and Standard Parallels; in what order and how they were run; examination of original closures, possible sources of errors such as offsets and lake triangulations, and remonumentation considerations for Guide Meridians and Standard Parallels.

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A1: Case Studies of BLM Eastern States Cadastral Surveys Interpretation of the 2009 Manual of Surveying Instructions when subdividing a section and evaluating local corners and evidence

Ken Roy
A brief look at the interpretations and conclusions during recent subdivision of sections performed by the BLM Eastern States Cadastral Survey program.

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B1: PLSS Corner Certificate of Location

Robin Mathews & Lisa Hanni
Preview of Minnesota Statutes and Administrative Codes that are applicable to the Certificate of Location of Government Corner. Certificate examples will be presented. Content of certificates will be discussed. Questions are encouraged.

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C1: Google Earth for Surveyors

Chris Ambourn
Google Earth is free software for project planning, cost estimating, creating customized maps and animations, and for company project databases. This session will demonstrate the uses and capabilities of Google Earth and give some good sources of data for the program.

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A2: PLS Section Subdivision – Dealing with Retracement & Occupation Issues

John Freemyer
No other topic seems to be more controversial than the issue of how to properly subdivide a section — when there are retracement and occupational considerations. A careful analysis of controlling laws and the quasi-judicial functions of land surveyors can often simplify these seemingly perplexing problems. Practical solutions will be explored.

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B2: Navigating Web-Based Right of Way Information at MnDOT

Jay Krafthefer
Right of Way Mapping & Monitoring (RWMM) and other MnDOT Internet-based applications provide public access to a statewide collection of right-of-way maps and related information. We will cover unique features about the data and their organization. This session also includes a brief review of the tools and methods necessary to find, download, and use right-of-way maps, right-of-way plats, railroad maps, Commissioner’s orders, survey records, highway construction plans, and other MnDOT records.

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C2: Minnesota’s New Statewide Parcel Data Integration Business Plan

MnGeo staff
The Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo) has been working with stakeholders to develop a business plan to help guide the development of and sustaining of an authoritative statewide parcel data layer. This session will be a review of the business plan and its development.

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A3: Real Property Law Update

Scott Lucas
A review of recent case law and statutory changes impacting on the use and ownership of real estate.

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B3: What Every Small Business Should Know about Windows 8, Cloud Computing and Malware

Joe Malmberg
Technology is an ever-moving target. How can we use our computers most efficiently? What will cloud computing mean to your company? Will Windows 8 be a game-changer? What can we do about viruses and malware and why do they exist?

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C3: Lake County Forestry GIS Use for PLS Corner Monument Database

Nathan Eide & Fran Kaliher
This presentation will describe how Lake County Forestry uses GIS in the management of and searching for public land survey monuments. Using GIS, original survey notes, rectified aerial photos and topographic maps, and local knowledge, corner searches have become much more efficient. Corner location information can then easily be interfaced with timber management and other county parcel management purposes.

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B4: Professionals and Partners: Surveyors and Title Insurers

Nancy Landmark
Title Insurance Professionals and Surveyors often work hand-in-hand to produce the best possible products for their customers. This session will include a discussion of the role of the Title Company and how we work with Surveyors to achieve these results.

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C4: BYOB: Build Your Own Basemap

Preston Dowell
This two-hour session will show you how to build a GIS basemap for daily use in your Land Surveying business. Topics include: Basic tips on getting started with GIS, building a basemap with freely available data, integration of CAD systems with the basemap, examples of final surveying, and mapping products developed utilizing GIS.

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A5: Cemetery Platting

Arlee Carlson & Connie Villari
Minnesota Statutes relating to private, public and institutional cemeteries in the state will be covered. Examples of cemetery plats and interpretation of the issues not directly covered by existing statutes will be explored and discussed.

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B5: The Public Land Survey Records—The Next Step?

Roderick Squires
Creating a database that contains all public land surveying records relating to a particular corner monument or line segment is many years away. But what could or should such a database contain and is this a worthwhile goal? The presentation will review (a) what we know about the public land surveys in Minnesota, (b) what we still need to know, and (c) what we need to do.

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A6: Railroad Right of Way Corridor Retracement

Dennis Pederson & Mike Welling
This session will address survey issues related to retracement of railroad right of way and adjoining property boundary lines along railroad corridors being converted to recreational trails and other uses.

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A7: Railroad Rights-of-Way in the Chain of Title

Dulcie Brand
How do Railroads acquire land interests? Is it fee title or easement or something else? Why does it matter?

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B7: The Concept of Ethics

Curt Sumner
The concept of Ethics in general, and its applications to business practice will be discussed. What are the factors that influence the development of one’s ethics? How, or should, personal ethics affect the way one conducts business? How, or if, ethical standards should be set by law, professional conduct standards, etc.?

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C7: Minnesota Tree Identification

Jason Meyer
The ability to recognize and identify the native tree species of Minnesota is important in the search for bearing trees and original survey evidence as well as identification requirements of regulatory agencies in relation to Survey Maps. This session will discuss how to identify native trees commonly found in Minnesota, some follow up resources to tree identification, and how knowledge of tree identification can help in the survey profession.

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C8: MnDOT CORS Network Review

Panel presentation by the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Office of Land Management staff. Topics will include benefits of the GPS network to the citizens of the State of Minnesota, the future of the network, how to access the network, best surveying practices for network users, and the coordinate system used by the network. A question and answer period will follow the presentations to address any other items of interest concerning the CORS Network.

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B9: Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Surveyors

Jerry Bartels
BIM is changing the Surveying profession. While it has roots in architecture, the principles and benefits of BIM can apply to everything in the built environment and all AEC disciplines, including surveying. As a result, the ability to produce as well as work with BIM models is becoming a requirement on many projects. Understanding how to move to BIM is going to change your business —and preparing for that change will be critical.

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C9: How GNSS Signals are Impacted by Environmental Factors

Steve Richter
How does the increase in solar activity affect GNSS signals? Look, I can get a fix under the tree canopy! How close to that building can I get and still get a good GNSS position? Solar activity, loss of signal, multipath, and other environmental factors contribute to the quality of your GPS or GNSS measurements. We will talk about these factors and how they negatively impact the quality of our GNSS positions, how to better interpret the real-time quality control data we see while using RTK GNSS, other tools we can use to avoid these negative environmental factors, and discuss the RTK algorithms used to determine your solutions and how these factors are considered in that solution. The result will be more error free measurements and higher quality GNSS data.

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A10: Retracing Monuments & Property Lines and Platting from Territorial Times through 2013. From Compass to GPS

Ron Murphy
Statutory Law and monuments in the historic and modern eras of plat monumentation, how plats were made, laws and court cases affecting retracement surveys, surveyor education and equipment, sources of retracement records and traditional and high tech retracement surveys.

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C10: RTK Communication Internet and Radios

Chris Rotegard
This session will discuss the communications options for GNSS RTK. We will cover the new FCC law regarding narrow band radios and cell internet options using MnDOT CORS Network.

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