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In order to prevent email spoofing, we have removed committee member emails from this page. If you would like to contact a committee member, email Tanya Martin or please use the members directory. Thank you.

Education Committee

Chair: Sam DeLeo
Board Liaison: Bryan Balcome

  1. Promote and encourage education facilities and activities.
  2. Work with state educators for the advancement of surveying education for professional and technical students.
  3. Assist in the promoting and distribution of scholarships to deserving surveying students.
  4. Attend SCSU IAC meetings.
  5. Develop programs for the Society's LSIT members to assist them in becoming active in the Society and in their educational growth and professional licensing goal.
  6. Promote recognized four-year and two-year Survey Degree programs within Minnesota and be available as curricular advisor. Be advisory committee to St. Cloud State University.
  7. Promote the ACSM Trig-Star Program and assist MSPS members in sponsoring the program in individual schools.
  8. Promote the Certified Survey Technician (CST) Program. MSPS will reimburse 50% for the first time an individual takes the CST exam with funds to come from the education fund.
  9. Monitor continuing education needs for practicing surveyors and recommend programs necessary to meet those needs.

Events Committee

Chair: Connie Villari
Board Liaison: Julie Groetsch

  1. Establish the planning, financing and administration of the Annual Meeting and present a plan and detailed budget to the Board of Directors prior to preparation of budget.
  2. Select suitable speakers for the Annual Meeting.
  3. Solicit exhibitors and arrange for exhibits (exhibits chair).
  4. Assure that appropriate Society business is conducted at the Annual Meeting, including elections, reports, bylaw amendments and resolutions.
  5. Assist and work closely with the Society's Executive Director, who is assigned the detailed coordination of all Annual Meeting activities, functions and arrangements.
  6. Provide membership with opportunities to study and learn, in a timely way, subjects of interest.
  7. Recommend appropriate topics for workshops/seminars to the Board.
  8. Coordinate agendas, speakers, costs and presentation requirements.
  9. Assist and work closely with the Executive Director, who is assigned the detailed coordination of workshop/seminar facilities planning, mailings, registration, etc.
  10. Advise the Board of Directors of workshop planning with a memo prior to each workshop.
  11. A detailed listing of workshop/seminar criteria is included elsewhere in this manual. (See Section XIV)
  12. Provide encouragement, education, and information to Survey Technicians interested in becoming a CST.
  13. Provide testing sites throughout the State to administer the test periodically throughout the year.

Government Relations Committee

Chair: Paul Voge
Board Liaison: Dennis Honsa

  1. Study enacted and proposed legislation affecting land surveyors and promote proposed legislation which will be in the public interest and result in raising the standards of MSPS members.
  2. Annually review and recommend lobbyist's contract to the Board of Directors by theAugust Board Meeting.
  3. Provide a monitoring and reporting service to the Board and membership.
  4. Keep in contact with the lobbyist all year with membership needs.
  5. Submit a proposed legislation program in the fall for the next year and review with Board.
  6. Request membership assistance in testimony as necessary.
  7. Mobilize membership for support of selected legislation by local legislators.
  8. Attend or report at all Board meetings on all interim activities.
  9. Maintain contact with tort reform organizations and keep the Board of Directors informed of actions which, if supported, could improve the position of the membership.
  10. Monitor changes and when necessary, make available to members all changes, additions and amendments to the copies of Minnesota statutes affecting land surveyors.
  11. Provide Index of applicable statutes to administration for inclusion on Web Site.
  12. Work with other professional groups on mutual interests.

Membership Committee

Chair: Chris Ambourn
Board Liaison: Preston Dowell

  1. Work with the administrative staff to prepare and maintain a current record of all Society members.
  2. Chair to review and approve all applications for membership.
  3. Strive to promote and increase membership of qualified persons.
  4. Try to recover lost members and dues.

Board Development Committee

Chair: Bryan Balcome
Board Liaison: Bryan Balcome

  1. Present a slate of candidates at the Annual Meeting of at least one for each elective office or position to be filled by a vote of the members.
  2. Consists of Past President and all Chapter Presidents to ensure full membership involvement in selection.

Public Relations/Information Committee

Chair: Paul Vogel
Board Liaison: Chad Conner

  1. Develop publicity on behalf of the Society for its activities and programs.
  2. Recommend financing and production procedures for publicity programs.
  3. Existing publicity programs are discussed elsewhere in this manual.
  4. Maintain MSPS Web site with timely information as directed and approved by the Board of Directors.
  5. Support and promote Trig-Star program.
  6. Support and promote Certified Survey Technician program.

Journal Committee

Chair: David Zenk
Board Liaison: Virginia Winberg

  1. Edit and publish a publication which represents the highest standards of our profession.
  2. Publish issues of the “MN Surveyor” in February (Winter), May (Spring), August (Summer) and November (Fall). (Deadlines are the lst of the month prior to these dates.)
  3. Receive and review materials from ACSM, NSPS, MSPS members, other state newsletters, MSPS President, NSPS Governor, Administrative Office and advertisers.
  4. Receive articles, proofread same and submit to Administrative Office for production.


Chair: Janele Fowlds
Board Liaison: Jesse Zeig

  1. Promote the NSPS TrigStar Program throughout the State.
  2. Coordinate individual Chapter TrigStar events.
  3. Coordinate the determination and naming of State TrigStar winner.
  4. Facilitate the State winner’s participation in National TrigStar event.
  5. Report program participation to NSPS.
  6. NSPS Governor is to serve as liaison between committee and Board.
  7. Set and adhere to TrigStar Procedures

Budget Committee

Chair: Preston Dowell
Board Liaison: Preston Dowell 

  1. The President-Elect shall be the Chairperson of this committee.
  2. The Treasurer shall be a member of this committee.
  3. Up to three (3) Directors shall be members of this committee.
  4. The Executive Director shall be ex-officio member of the committee.
  5. The committee shall be charged with reviewing, compiling and submitting a proposed annual budget to the full membership of the Board of Directors for its approval by the scheduled Summer Meeting of the Board. The budget must be approved by the Board prior to October 1 each year.

Manual Committee – Ad Hoc

Chair: Brian Praske
Board Liaison: Kory Thurnau

  1. Prepare, maintain and update a manual of “Rule of Professional Conduct for Surveyors”, including, but not limited to plat manual of minimum guidelines, and “Recommended Guidelines for the Practice of Land Surveying”..
  2. Solicit and review comments on the manuals from the membership and other associates and recommend changes as needed.
  3. Receive and review manuals from other associations and recommend changes to MSPS manuals if appropriate.
  4. Cooperate with other associations by providing advice, copies, etc. to assist in the preparation of similar manuals for the betterment of the profession.
  5. Work with other related associations or state agencies for the acceptance of surveying standards for the protection of the public and betterment of the profession.

Awards Committee

Chair: Bryan Balcome
Board Liaison: Bryan Balcome

  1. Administer the following awards:
    Surveyor of the Year - Presented to an active member for recent and significant contributions of time and talent to the benefit of the Society.
    William S. Kelley Jr. Community Service Award - Award given to a member who has contributed greatly to the community.
    E.A. “ Bud” Rathbun Award of Merit - Presented to an active member who has served the Society over a long period of time in a specific category.

    Special Awards - As determined by the Awards Committee.

  2. Consider candidates and select recipients, if appropriate, of awards and present same during the Annual Meeting.
  3. Consists of all Chapter Presidents and others as necessary to ensure full membership involvement in selection with the Past-President serving as the Chair.

Historical Committee

Chair: Pete Jenkins
Board Liaison: Mark Severtson

  1. Collect historical information, equipment and techniques displaying same through exhibitions, writing and museum showings. The Board of Directors to provide for funding and storage as deemed appropriate to the interest of MSPS members.
  2. Seek a permanent site to house, display and exhibit materials.

Young Professionals

Chair: Tim Holperin
Board Liaison: Marcus Hampton

  1. Introducing students to industry professionals.
  2. Boosting involvement of younger MSPS members.
  3. Facilitate the building of working relationships with industry peers through networking and social events.
  4. Providing a voice for young professionals within the society.
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